About me

Hi, I'm Timothy Schoen, I started working on plugdata in November 2021, while studying Music Technology at HKU Utrecht. I'm interested in pure-data/Max, DSP, audio development, C/C++, JUCE and improving music perception for the hearing impaired. I started working on plugdata as a hobby project but it quickly grew into something bigger, largely thanks to the amazing Pd community. I'm especially aiming to make Pd more accessible and easier to learn, with the aim of creating an amazing tool for learning about creative programming.

Since plugdata is a fully free/open-source application available under the GPLv3 license, I am reliant on the generosity of my sponsors to spend more time on plugdata. If you like this project and think it's worth helping, consider making a donation.

If you have any questions about plugdata or anything else, feel free to contact me, I'll always reply!

Special thanks:

OBS packages for Linux maintained by Konstantin Voinov (@KottV)

AUR packages for Arch Linux maintained by Lejun Min (@aik2mlj)

  • Logo by Bas de Bruin based on concept by Joshua A.C. Newman
  • Camomile by Pierre Guillot
  • ELSE by Alexandre Torres Porres
  • cyclone by Krzysztof Czaja, Hans-Christoph Steiner, Fred Jan Kraan, Alexandre Torres Porres, Derek Kwan, Matt Barber and others
  • Pure Data by Miller Puckette and others
  • libpd by the Peter Brinkmann, Dan Wilcox and others
  • Heavy/hvcc originally by Enzien Audio, maintained and modernised by Wasted Audio
  • Juce by ROLI Ltd.
  • MoodyCamel by Cameron Desrochers
  • Inter font by Rasmus Andersson
  • Design inspired by the elementaryOS project
  • Kiwi by Eliott Paris, Pierre Guillot and Jean Millot
  • LV2 PlugIn Technology by Steve Harris, David Robillard and others
  • VST PlugIn Technology by Steinberg Media Technologies
  • Audio Unit PlugIn Technology by Apple