Ableton Live


  1. Add plugdata as an instrument to an empty MIDI track.
  2. In plugdata, use one of the MIDI IN objects and route MIDI data from it (see example).
  3. Play notes on this MIDI track using any usual method — keyboard, piano roll, etc.



In Live, routing MIDI data out of plugdata is a bit more complicated than in other DAWs.


  1. Create a MIDI track with the VST3 (not AUV3) version of plugdata on it (a).
  2. Create an empty MIDI track. We'll call it MIDI BRIDGE (b). In the MIDI From drop-down menu, select the plugdata MIDI track (c). Select plugdata in the drop-down menu right bellow it. Switch Monitor to In mode (d).
  3. Create a third MIDI track. We'll cal it RECEIVER (e). Load an instrument that you want to receive MIDI from plugdata on this track.
  4. In the MIDI To drop-down menu of the MIDI BRIDGE track, select the RECEIVER track as the destination (f).
  5. (optional) In the MIDI From drop-down menu of the RECEIVER track select the MIDI BRIDGE track (g).
  6. Arm the RECEIVER track (h).
  7. In plugdata plugin, use one of the objects that sends out MIDI data (see examples).



  1. Add plugdata-fx as an effect device to an audio or MIDI track.
  2. In plugdata, use [adc~] object to receive audio from your DAW (see examples).


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